Past Tax Returns in North Carolina and Surrounding Areas.

Filing Past Due Tax Returns

1040 Tax Return Form with a Pen — Tax Service in Marion, NC
We are all procrastinators by nature. So it comes to no surprise filling taxes would fall into the category of dreaded things. It could be you feared the results or tax just isn't your thing. It's ok, but it is important to get current. What some people don't realize is that the IRS will submit a return on their behalf called “Substitute for Return”. This type of return maximizes the tax due to the IRS. Then the debt over the years accumulates with added penalties and interest. It's easy to feel over burdened with back tax, that's why you need a tax professional to help you. If you are already receiving a bill for delinquent returns, more likely than not we are going to be able to reduce your tax liability with professionally prepared returns.