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Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise allows individuals to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount owed to the IRS. Our clients have been able to reduce their tax liability thousands to hundreds of thousands through the offer in compromise program. It's not for everyone, but if you are serious about getting out from underneath tax debt, we certainly can help you.

Sound too good to be true? There's actually a rational and systematic process on why this great program works for the IRS and the majority of individuals struggling to pay their tax debt. We first measure your ability to pay, income, expenses and asset equity. After carefully formulating an amount that is fair given your unique circumstance we submit an offer to the IRS. When the IRS approves the offer, the rest is forgiven. The IRS is only interested in the most they can expect to collect in a reasonable time. Hence, why they write off millions each year in tax debt. Neither you nor the IRS wants you to be financially burdened by drawn-out tax debt that's impossible to payoff.

The offer in Compromise gets even better. You still have options in how to pay your approved amount. Many individuals are able to reduce their debt to an amount they can pay in full. What a great feeling that would be huh? If not, installment payments can be easily arranged.
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There are 3 strategies to choose from with an Offer in Compromise.
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