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Audit Protection Pro's — Tax Service in Marion, NC
Tax season is fast approaching and tax professionals work tirelessly preparing as many individual and business tax returns as possible in an effort to maximize their revenues for the tax season. Unfortunately, there is always risk and uncertainty associated with who could be audited for the year. This makes profits unpredictable considering reputable preparers are responsible for computational errors, along with interest and penalties. Furthermore, representing audits may not be part of your core business model and distracts you from your primary goals. That’s where we come in!

Are you ready to add value to your services, mitigate risk, increase your revenue stream and gain your competitive advantage over the competition? Then Audit Protection Pros is right for you.

The tax biz is fast changing and it’s important for small firms to stay competitive. Audit Protection Pros does just that by saving you the headache in the event of an audit with our 48 years combined experience with audit support and IRS correspondents. We go through great lengths to represent your clients aggressively and thoroughly for the best possible outcome. Unlike other audit insurance programs, we will personally appear before the taxing authority for your clients. Your clients will feel assured they are well taken care of with your diligent tax preparation and added audit protection, inevitably increasing your client retention rates. Now is the right time to maximize your marginal profits. Join our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals who will have your client’s back in a time of need. We don’t just protect taxpayers but also tax preparers. For more information or to get started call us today at (828) 559-2613 or email us at .

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