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Wage Garnishment Removal

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If you are in the process of tax debt relief, you might need the IRS to stop wage garnishments. This is usually a step the IRS will take after they have sent letters over a course of several months with no response from the taxpayer. The IRS only garnishes wages when they believe they have no other option. A garnishment by the IRS can amount to 70% or more of your income, understandably depleting your ability to pay your household bills and obligations. The worst part, they will continue garnishing your wages till your debt with penalties and interest is fully paid.
If this has happened to you we have a quick and affordable process to get you immediate IRS wage garnishment release.
  • There are several options to stop Wage Garnishment:
  • Enter into an Installment Agreement
  • Make an Offer in Compromise
  • Maintain an uncollectable status due to hardship
  • Bankruptcy
  • Change Employers